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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Beyond Midnight - Book Trailer

Sequel to Beautiful Strangers. Dr Hyacinth Dickinson has scores to settle. Falling in love is not on the agenda.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Fore Play

A screenplay by Ellen Dean
Cheeky Monkey Productions

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Monday, 7 April 2014

Top Quality Equestrian Transport

March 2014 and my niece Amy's horse Honey (thoroughbred mare) had to travel to the Philip Leverhulme Equine Hospital  at the University of Liverpool.

It's a big deal, transporting precious horses, finding the right people. Who can we get to take us? Amy worried. Her friend Rowan was quick to recommend DEFRA approved A and L Grant Horse Transport from Bramley Grange, Grewelthorpe, North Yorkshire and so arrangements were made.

Amy says, 'Thanks to Rowan we had a great transporter. Andy was really good with Honey when she was slightly reluctant to load. He's a very patient guy who knows exactly what he's doing with horses. He's travelled the world transporting them. He's a horseman, as well as an experienced and accomplished driver. I was very happy with the way he handled Honey and way he drove us. Andy drives to suit the horse.'

Honey looking relaxed in her quarters.

The horse box is top spec. Andy designed it himself with the comfort and safety of the horse in mind. The transporter holds three horses of around 550kgs, or two mares with foals, or four yearlings. 

Andy leading Honey out of the transporter.

If any of us are looking to use horse transport in the future this is the company we would definitely call. Andy is punctual, friendly and, in the words of Amy, 'highly amusing' :-) It's good to know your precious cargo is in such safe hands.

A & L Grant contact details are:
Tel: 01765 658783
Mobile: 07760 545770
Mobile: 07710 825836

Ellen Dean Recommends

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Innergie - Magic Cable Lightning Duo

Received this Magic Cable Lightning Duo from Innergie to review. It is a great product and it works with my Kindle, Android phone, and in my car. You can charge your phone using the USB to connect to your computer while you are working. Or, you can charge up your devices in your car while driving. I found I can use the cable with my home radio by plugging the USB into the back and connecting to my phone's music.

The instructions say it is compatible with iPod Touch 5th Generation: I have a 4th Gen so it doesn't fit. They also state it's compatible with iPad 4: I have iPad 3 and my niece has an iPad 4 but it doesn't fit hers. However, I think if you had an adapter it might work with iPad 4.

This is an excellent product but it feels a little fragile (Micro USB slipped out of casing 2nd use) so I wonder how robust it is and if it will be a long lasting product.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Orangutan Protection Foundation Raffle

Thanks to the generous support of Dave Heron, proprietor of No 12 Greengrocers in Masham, North Yorkshire, UK, the Orang-utan Protection Foundation are £130.00 richer.

Dave and his staff have sold raffle tickets from No 12 during January and February 2014. The draw took place on the afternoon of Friday 28th 2014 and the winners were drawn by OPF Ambassador Ellen Dean.

Originally there were three prizes but this increased to four on the draw day:
a gorgeous cuddly orang-utan; a box of fresh fruit and vegetables donated by No 12 Greengrocers; wine and chocolates donated by Ellen Dean; bottle of wine kindly donated by Derek of Corks and Cases, Silver Street, Masham.

The winners are:
R. Merrin - cuddly orangutan,
Mrs. Jarvis - wine and chocolates,
Mrs. Chalmers - bottle of wine,
David whose surname we don't have but we know him as David of Acorns - box of fresh fruit and vegetables.

A huge thank you to Dave, Sue and all who took part. Congratulations to the winners.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Highland Gems

Some beautiful places to visit in the Scottish Highlands.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Masham Midsummer Arts Crafts and Collectables Fair Orangutan Protection Fo...

On Sunday 23rd June 2013 we held a Midsummer Arts, Crafts and Collectables Fair/Fundraiser in Masham Town Hall, Masham, North Yorkshire, UK, and raised £1400 (and counting) for the

A huge thank you to all of our sponsors, exhibitors, helpers, 
and the people who came to visit.

And as of today I am so proud to be an 

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Albert Kennedy Trust Merge with The Outpost Housing Project

As Patron of The Outpost Housing Project Newcastle-upon-Tyne
I am delighted to announce their merger with 

LGBT youth homeless charities AKT and Outpost merge to sustain and improve services for young people
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) youth homeless charities the Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT) and Outpost Housing are to merge from 8 May 2013 to help meet rising demand and sustain vital services for young people. 
Outpost will continue to operate in the north east and offer support and accommodation to LGBT young people at risk of homelessness. They will be re-named AKT Outpost. 
AKT will continue to offer its range of services for LGBT young people in the north west and London. 
AKT Chief Executive Tim Sigsworth says “AKT and Outpost have a lot in common and by coming together we hope to continue and enhance the level of help and support that LGBT young people at risk of homelessness receive across the north east, north west and in London. Despite ten years of progressive legislation which has enabled young LGBT people to feel more confident to come out at an early age – the reality is that when they do they are still greeted with the same level of homophobia, bi phobia and trans phobia at home or school experienced 24 years ago when AKT was established by Foster Carer Cath Hall. Nationally we are now seeing an increase in demand for our services of around 30% and by sharing our knowledge, expertise and some of our running costs with Outpost we can ensure every penny possible goes directly to support the growing numbers of young people who need our help.”
Chair of The Albert Kennedy Trust, Samantha Days, says “this is a very exciting and crucial step in AKT and Outpost continuing to deliver and develop vital services for LGBT young people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. It will give us the opportunity to explore delivering these services on a national level and continue to alleviate the terrible circumstances some of our young people experience”.
Chair of Outpost Housing, Jim McElderry says “Outpost has received tremendous support in recent years from local funders such as Newcastle City Council and the Northern Rock Foundation but we know if we are going to be able to protect and develop housing support services for LGBT young people in the North East we need to do more.  This merger opens up new funding opportunities for us and means we can now be part of a national campaign for LGBT young people without losing our local identity.” 
Sam, a young person who was helped by Outpost Housing, says “As a young person who ran away from home in Southampton to live in Newcastle; Outpost have been amazing with supporting me with LGBT difficulties. When I heard that they have decided to merge with The Albert Kennedy Trust I was very happy and felt content, especially as it means that in the future if I decide to move from Newcastle I could still receive support and also means I can be happy wherever I live. As the charities have become national, I feel that this provides more options for young people and personalises the service for people like me.”
Leader of Newcastle City Council, Councillor Nick Forbes, says "The voluntary sector faces some big challenges in the current climate so I commend Outpost for using the funding the council gives them to develop a long term business plan that will open up new sources of funding for their service. Newcastle City Council is absolutely committed to tackling all forms of inequality to make Newcastle a warm welcoming city for everyone regardless of their background or sexual orientation."

If you would like to be part of helping AKT build and extend the reach of our services to more LGBT young people facing homelessness please visit  to donate.

About AKT
AKT’s Mission is to ensure that all lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans young people are able to live in accepting, supportive and caring homes, by providing a range of services to meet the individual needs of those who would otherwise be homeless or living in a hostile environment. We aim to do this by:
Providing appropriate homes through supported lodgings, fostering and other specialist housing schemes.
Enabling young people to manage independent living successfully.
Improving attitudes within society towards lesbian, gay and bisexual young people. 
We support several hundred young people every year who have experienced domestic violence or have been ejected from home just for being brave enough to come out as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Trans to their parents or care giver. For more information visit

About Outpost
Outpost offer accommodation for LGBT young people aged 16 to 25 in fully furnished and equipped single person bedsits for a duration of up to 18 months. When young people are ready to move on we help them to find safe and suitable long-term accommodation. Outpost also offers support and advice on matters relating to housing, benefits, education, training and work, living independently, coming out and being out, relationships, emotional health, sexual health, drugs and alcohol. For more information visit

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Sunday, 21 April 2013

New Ebook from Colbere Publishing

April 2013

A collection of photographs taken in the Scottish Highlands with factual information about The Castle of Mey, Cawdor Castle, Balmoral Castle, Brodie Castle and other historical sites as well as some fabulous beaches.
Cover Amy E. Addison